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Bushey Ironworks utilizes skill, experience, vision, and precision in order to create unique pieces that combine the craft, art, and tradition of blacksmithing with modern techniques, while meeting the objectives of the client.

Our Work

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Jesse Bushey —  blacksmith/owner

Jesse was first introduced to blacksmithing as a high school student when he completed an independent study near his hometown of Cabot, Vermont. When he moved to Tahoe in 2001, he sought out the local blacksmith shop, began sweeping the floors and quickly became an apprentice. After many years of learning the trade, pursuing lessons from expert smiths across the US and Europe, traveling to learn, and living to forge, he finally called himself a blacksmith. 


In 2010, Jesse and a partner struck out on their own forming Striker Forge. Their work over nearly seven years included many significant projects as far afield as the Four Seasons hotel in Aman, Jordan, for which they built intricate and airy room dividers, and as close to home as the dozens of Tahoe houses they filled with a wide array of ironwork styles.     


In 2017 Jesse created his own entity, Bushey Ironworks. His intent is for Bushey Ironworks to be where people come for both the functional and the beautiful; where he and his brother and their highly skilled collaborators can utilize both the craft and the art that imbue blacksmithing; where projects are unique and diverse. Jesse prides himself on always building to the highest standards, not only in quality of work, but by conducting business in a principled and timely manner. 



Aaron Bushey — blacksmith


Aaron, Jesse's younger brother, began visiting Jesse in Tahoe from Vermont when he was 10 years old. By twelve, he had built his own shop, Ravensong Forge, in their mom's backyard, which stood about 10'x 10'. That tiny shop packed a punch and Aaron became Cabot, Vermont's "town smith," making signs for local businesses and Christmas gifts for those who were lucky enough to have put in their orders early. 


When Aaron arrived in California in 2012 he joined the team at Striker Forge. He was living the journeyman life, honing his skills, and bringing them back to his home base in Lake Tahoe. Aaron has worked extensively (and continues to do so) in the Northeast, Northwest, and Europe. Now, a full-time resident of Tahoe City, his varied perspectives and vast experience at a young age enable him to contribute significantly to Bushey Ironworks. 





Jesse Bushey:

Jesse@busheyironworks.com 530-448-4300 

Aaron Bushey:

Aaron@busheyironworks.com 530-448-2894


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